DRA Launches New Brand & Giving Priorities

Dubuque, IA – April 26, 2022 – Leaders from the DRA – also known as the Dubuque Racing Association – unveiled their new brand look and also outlined updated grant guidelines for 2022 during a special reception held at the Diamond Jo Casino on Tuesday evening, April 26th.

“It was exciting to showcase the DRA’s brand refresh and share with everyone our vision for supporting and investing in communities moving forward,” said Alex Dixon, President & CEO of the DRA and Q Casino. “Since its founding, the DRA has been a success story – one that has contributed more than $244 million to the City of Dubuque and has resulted in more than $1 billion in local economic impact. We are proud of this legacy and want future investments to focus on helping grow communities and build capacity in key organizations.”

The DRA is the non-profit entity that owns and operates Q Casino on behalf of the City of Dubuque and is the 
co-licensee for Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque. Since 1985, the DRA has awarded 5,000-plus grants – totaling more than $52 million – to over 1,500 organizations in the tri-state area (Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois). 

The organization’s commitment to giving will continue, as $2,976,000 will be available in 2022 for community organizations to tap into for grant opportunities. However, the application process has been revised, as has the focus the DRA is now placing on the types of projects and/or initiatives they will be looking to support. 

“Proactively contributing to the future growth and viability of Dubuque and other area communities is important to us,” offered Kathy Buhr, Director of Strategic Philanthropy & Schmitt Island Development for DRA. “We will continue being a partner with other organizations, especially where we can get actively engaged and help provide resources that can be a catalyst to enhance the quality of life and financial well-being of communities throughout the tri-state area.” 

DRA’s commitment to the community is made possible by proceeds that come from both Q Casino and the Diamond Jo Casino – both of which attract thousands of visitors to Dubuque each year from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and beyond. Given this, organizations throughout the tri-state area are encouraged to apply for grants through the DRA. 

“For decades, our gaming and entertainment facilities have been contributing to the growth and viability of the Dubuque area by providing support for organizations that address a variety of social, community and economic development-related needs,” said Wendy Runde, General Manager for the Diamond Jo Casino. “The DRA’s new brand look and grant focus are exciting, so I look forward to seeing how we can help support these efforts and also continue to play a role in helping grow our communities.”   

For a closer look at the DRA’s brand refresh, as well as more specific information on the new grant application process, visit the organization’s updated website at

“The future is bright for the DRA and gaming in Dubuque,” commented Dixon. “Though the end of greyhound racing in May closes an important chapter in our history, the story moving forward is an exciting one. It will be all about charting a new path, offering new options and amenities, and elevating what we support in a different way – all of which will continue to benefit organizations and communities in the Dubuque area, and beyond.”

About the DRA

The DRA, through its gaming and entertainment facilities provides for social, economic and community betterment and lessens the burden of Dubuque city and area government, while contributing to the growth and viability of Dubuque area tourism.

The organization has been a vital part of the community since its inception in 1985 and is operated by a volunteer board comprised of 21 directors who work together to guide operations of Q Casino. The DRA holds the license for casino-gaming operations of Q Casino and is also the co-licensee for the Diamond Jo Casino, both of which are located in Dubuque. For more information on DRA and its community-minded mission, visit